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Andrew and Ashlee

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Our Story

Andrew and Ashlee started dating in November 2022. They met previously in China back in 2016, but didn’t exactly make a good impression on each other! Ashlee spent some time in the States during the pandemic while Andrew was settled in Seoul working on a Master’s degree. In September he moved to Taebaek and Ashlee invited him to join the small group that met her in house and thus a friendship began.

Possibly because they’re the same age, or just genuinely a good match, many of the people in the small tight-knit community where they live in Taebaek started to pray for them to get together! One of Ashlee’s Korean match-making friends mentioned something to her about Andrew and planted the seed in her mind of considering him as more than a friend. After about two months of meals together with friends, participating in various community meetings, a couple of walks together alone plus a visit from Ashlee’s parents to Korea, Ashlee confessed her feelings to Andrew. He confirmed he felt the same way, though he admits that the Holy Spirit helped him in the moment to overlook the fears that come with entering into a new relationship!

Initially they tried to keep their romance hidden from the prying eyes of their community around them, but several people commented to Ashlee about the spark in her eyes and the glow on her face when she was with Andrew and it seemed like whenever they were together, they were always laughing so news got out pretty fast! Christmas was a precious first holiday together with seemingly ubiquitous hot chocolate and deeper and deeper conversations.

Their love continued to blossom during the spring months and eventually they had video calls with their parents who were all very affirming of their relationship. In June Andrew scheduled a tour through the Secret Garden at Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul. Surrounded by picturesque trees and beautiful ponds, he knelt down on one knee and proposed! (Ashlee recalls saying “yes” over and over again!) They celebrated the moment with lunch at a nearby French restaurant and a walk through the streets of Seoul. God seemed to kiss the day with a light rain and an overwhelming sense of love and joy between the two of them.

They truly look forward to celebrating with you in December!